How much of my donation goes towards single mom’s?

Currently, it is 100%. There is a separate for-profit business that funds any overhead necessary for operating The Hub Garage.

Do you help moms outside of Texas?

While we are based in Texas, we do donate to moms in other states. The Hub Garage has connections with more than 100 Automotive Repair Shops across the country.

How do I apply? / How do I qualify for your program?

Unfortunately we are currently at capacity for recipients. Normally, participating auto repair shops vet single moms that come into their existing locations for help.

If you can’t help us then who can?

We would love nothing more than to help every single person that writes in asking for help. We are focused on increasing our donor base and finding like-minded supporters to fix more cars and get more single moms back in the driver’s seat. In the meantime, please check out resources we’ve found to be helpful: 
• The Single Mom Society and
The Mom Project

What happens if I donate my car?

Your car is taken in and accessed by our third party vendor to understand the total value of the car. If the amount of repairs are more than the car is worth, your car is sold at auction in order to provide a better, working vehicle for one of our car recipients. Here are the subsequent steps upon submitting your car via our online donation portal. 

1) You will receive a call from our third party vendor setting up a time to tow your vehicle.
2) At the time of pickup, the donor receives a custom tow receipt that serves as record of their donation, can be used for a minimum tax deduction, and releases them from all liability from that moment forward.